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Flontex membran engineering

FLONTEX was founded in 1977 by Walter Weissinger. The original business segments were technical glass fabrics with PTFE, silicone and fluoropolymer coatings. The first projects took place in 1984. Since then, more than 200 projects, a majority of which have been made of PTFE glass fabric, have been carried out. Walter Weissinger was also able to successfully submit patents in PTFE glass lattice laminates.

FLONTEX was commissioned as a consultancy company for the largest realized project in PTFE glass fabric. The quality management and the production control for the over 3.5 million sqm pilaster cot in Mina, Saudi Arabia was transferred to the specialists of FLONTEX. The consulting engineers of our team have extensive experience in the field of the entire textile architecture. Our extensive project experience and the fundamental knowledge of textile technology enable us to carry out architectural visions in a detailed and quality-oriented manner.




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